Life Activation

Once a week you will receive a one on one activation 60/90 minutes long, you will also receive access to weekly group activations.

Types of Life Activations include: Relationships, friendships, depression, fears, anxiety, financial, addictions, childhood trauma, family disconnections and phobias.

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Recommended packages:

$2500 for 30 days (you’ve done a lot of work in this area of your life, but you just seem to be at a stand still nothing is going wrong but nothing’s going your way.)
$4000 for 60 days (you have done some work in this area of your life, but after a few months you seem to be back at the same place and you can’t seem to get ahead.)
$7000 for 90 days (you haven’t done much or any work in this area of your life everything seem chaotic, one thing after the next, nothing seems to go right.)

The Process of a Life Activation:

1. One call up memories.

2. Identify the emotion and it’s intensity.

3. Go through sacred jeep breath to convert the negative memories into free flowing energy.

4. Identify intensity of emotion.

5. EFT Meridian tapping to release emotions and old beliefs and patterns throughout the body and mind.

6. Neural pathways in the brain.

7. Tap the third to open deeper inner insight to release the resistance to the problem.

8. Identify intensity of emotion.

9. Tap third-eye to embed positive affirmations into the subconscious and inner being.

10. Invoke positive emotions and memories.

11. Go through Sacred G breath to harness the energy of the positive emotions and memories.

12. Positive reset with Magix Mudra.


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