Holistic Approach to Healing & Manging Pain for Athletes

Do you know an Athlete suffering from reoccurring pain due to a previous or new injury?

What is Pain?

Pain is excess energy stored in a specific area of the body and the indication that there is too much energy or a lack of energy in the body. Pain is a warning sign of potential disease or injury.

What is Pain Management?

Pain Management is just a fancy word that we use to describe the holistic approach to ease and resolve the suffering from living with pain and injury as well as improving overall health and performance.

Here is an example:

Picture a baseball player. Throughout their career they pitch hundreds and hundreds of pitches. So, overtime the elbow begins to lack the flow of energy, which causes energy to become stored and NOT free flowing throughout the body. Because it takes so much energy to preform from that area of the body, when pitching over time the rest of the body begins lacking energy. This results in the symptom of pain. If the athlete continues to use the elbow without finding channels or ways to flow the energy throughout the elbow. It often results in an injury. Pain is the indicator that energy isn’t flowing through the joints of the body.

Our Holistic Approach

We have a 4-Part Process for Managing Pain:

Activate Stored Energy by Tapping.

Convert Active Energy by Breathing.

Release Dormant Energy by Removing.

Confirm Earned Energy by Performing.

Stored Energy
by Tapping

The first process involves using the fingers by Tapping on the Meridians of the Body to conjure up stored memories and emotions from past experiences that are related to the injury and/or pain.

How Tapping works:

  • Assess Level of Pain on a Scale of 1 to 10
  • Find Emotions tied with Injury or Trauma
  • Tap Meridians and Call Up the Emotions

“At the beginning of the process I could not open my hand or even completely close my hand for OVER 20 YEARS due to Severe Fibromyalgia! After Tapping for 15 minutes, I noticed that my Pain, which was feeling at a Level 8, was now already feeling at a Level 5!” ~ Rita L. in Ohio

Active Energy
by Breathing

The second process involves using the Power of the Hands along with specific Breathing sequences to blowout the Emotional Charges and the Memories that presently active.

How Breathing works:

  • Tap Meridians to blowout active charges
  • Breathe in sequence and press meridians

“After being divorced for 10 years, I was coping with Severe Emotional Trauma, but once I did the Meridian Tapping and Breathing Cycle… I immediately felt happier than I had felt in many years.” ~ K. Chapell in Michigan

Dormant Energy
by Removing

The third process involves working with the Bio Energy Field to enchance the flow of energy throughout the body and specifically remove the excess energy from the area of pain.

How Removing works

  • Open Up the Bio Energy Field
  • Balance Energies of the Brain
  • Cleanse Energies of the Heart
  • Spread the Bio Energy Evenly
  • Warm the Area of Injury/Pain
  • Takeout the Excess Energies

“For over 20 years I had been dealing with Chronic Arthritis Pain throughout the Right Hip Joint. After my first Bio Energy Healing session, the Pain had decreased immensely… to the point that I could extend my legs and hips without being in excruciating pain. I continued to follow-up for more treatments and today my pain is barely even noticeable. I feel SO MUCH better!” ~ K. Roslansky in Minnesota

Earned Energy
by Performing

The fourth process involves confirming that the Pain has indeed been greatly reduced or completely removed by Performing new actions to rewire the Neural Pathways of the Brain.

How Performing works

  • Use the Area or Part of the Body to Perform an Activity that previously would have been very painful.
  • Enjoy being able to use the body to experience Peak Performance.

“I visited a physician because of water gain in knee, he said that I would indefinitely need surgery to correct the issue. Instead, I decided to take a holistic approach. After 2-months of receiving Pain Management treatments, my knee was completely healed and I was able to continue lifting weights, squatting, and dancing without any pain whatsoever!” ~ M. Stevenson in Ohio

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