Sacred G Omega Single Sheet (Laminated)

$100 $50

One double sided crystal infused Sacred G Omega Sheet, the most advanced and balanced Energy Technology available.

Sacred G Omega is a revolutionary sleep technology that is the result of 20 years of development created by Core Love. Sacred G Omega was first featured on MTV’s “Rob and Big” series back in 2008 and has rapidly been growing ever since.

Experienced and loved by thousands all over the world, Sacred G technology is quoted by its users, “The most advanced human development technology they’ve ever experienced”.


We were born with 100% energy. Every day we lose a little bit of that energy, and if our brain is not trained to recycle the energy our body naturally starts breaking down, our health plummets, and our senses starts shutting down. We get tired, weak, and stressed out. This is called the aging process. Sacred G Omega is a vibrational energy technology that is placed under your mattress. While you are asleep, Sacred G Omega communicates with your cells to upload new instructions for how to operate and trains your brain to process memories stored in your muscle filaments. This will free up energy so that you have more energy here with you today. The more Sacred G you sleep on, the more energy your body will be able to free up.

Once your brain realizes that it is processing more energy than it is using up throughout the day, your brain will use the extra energy to activate different area’s of your brain and body for optimal health and performance. You will feel more energized, healthy and able to take on more tasks as if you were young and vital again. This is due to heightened senses and more brain processing power, giving you the ability to recognize complex patterns, problem solve, connect with others on a deeper level, and multitask. Essentially making you smarter, sharper, and effective at performing at your best. Depending on what opens up for each person, your sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing and vision will drastically enhance based on how much Sacred G you sleep on. Senses dull down due to lack of energy; aging.

If you had the energy you once had when you were young, life becomes vibrant again. Kids are lively, active, bubbly, happy and curious because of the amount of energy their body still contains.

If you can retrieve that energy back, the result is like getting your child hood back again, you have your present consciousness and you feel ALIVE again.

Sacred G can also be used to charge food, drinks, clothes, personal items and jewelry. Charging your food will extend the life of your food and increase your overall health and energy level. Charging your drinks or water will effectively hydrate you while enhancing the taste and texture of your drink. Sacred G also minimizes the effect of EMF’s bombarding the brain and accelerates the brain’s natural healing mechanisms that occur while sleeping.

The ink of every Sacred G Omega sheet has been infused with 15 powerful elements to enhance and ground the properties of the energy. Here is a list of the Sacred Elements:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Amethyst
  • Gold
  • Aqua Gold
  • Platinum
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Kunzite
  • Azeztulite
  • Rose Phenacite
  • Selenite
  • Kyanite
  • Moldavite

The quality of Sacred G Omega is unmatched. Created with a new type of printing that utilizes a randomized dot structure for enhanced clarity, Omega was printed at such a high DPI that you can’t even see the dots of color, it literally looks like solid color.

Sacred G Omega is so complex that it can only be created on a state of the art high tech computer and it has repeatedly crashed the manufactures computers when they tried to convert the design into plates. It took 2 days to do what would normally be a quick 15 minute job.

Customer Testimonials

“As mind blowingly awesome as the Love Stream is, there’s still something extra special about the physical tech. As my income increases in the future, I’m going to be putting a ridiculous amount of this stuff under my bed, as it’s beyond amazing. My life’s transformed SO much in such inspiring ways since I started on Sacred G Omega. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

~ Rok Sivante

“If you have not yet gotten this edition of Sacred G Omega yet, just do it. I know the price may seem scary at first but the energy you truly do get from using this technology is quite amazing. As much as I love the streams available for a much lesser cost. I love this because once you have it. The energy is forever.”

~ Masa Kitani

“The Love Stream is cool, but if you really want to understand how it works and where the energy comes from, getting the physical sheets will go a long way to explain things. You can charge almost anything on this stuff (food, water, crystals, yourself) and you will experience major shifts in your life by putting these under the bed and sleeping on them.”

~ Sasha Raito