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Goddess Mohanna

“If you really want to manifest your desires and eliminate what’s been holding you out of alignment with your goals and dreams, then I encourage you to experience a Heal Your Life Activation with me!”

Goddess Ameerah

“If you desire to use the healing power of crystals while being dripped in the hottest gemstone and wire creations, then you’ll love what I have for you! I use your zodiac sign, my intuition and wild crafted herbs to make jewelry and herbal products.” Schedule a free consultation with me to get started with your magical experience.

Goddess Lakshmi

“If you want balance: physical, mental and spiritual, engage your Self in an Ayurvedic massage. Included in this experience is a chakra alignment, spiritual reading and healing stone placement.” If you want to be more connected (and stay connected), then allow me to work with you!

Goddess Jala

“If you want…”

Did you know the body can naturally release DMT from the brain that will give you a high more profound and beneficial than any commercial or recreational drug?

What is DMT?

DMT, Dimethyltryptamine is a profound psychedelic compound and naturally occurring substance found in various plants and animals and in small quantities in the human brain.

There are a few ways to release DMT from the brain. When running very fast for a short period of time and then stopping, the brain will release a small to medium doses of DMT. Athlete’s may often experience the feeling of lightheadedness, dizziness or the feeling of out-of-body.

You can also release DMT naturally by breathing a sequences of breaths known as the G Breath (or sacred geometry breath), that you can practice and learn with this free Sacred G Meditation video.

Some of the benefits of releasing DMT through the breath include 1) processing memories, 2) converting stored stagnant energy, 3) harnessing the earned energy.

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Download and watch this 6 minute video and get high today for FREE! Enhance your experience when you do your Sacred G Meditation with a sheet of Sacred G Omega.

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Heal Your Life

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You ever feel like you need deeper insight to your life’s Direction?

You ever wonder what your Spirit guides or Guardian Angels would suggest you to do that would be for your highest and most beneficial good?

Spiritual Readings with The Goddess Mohanna

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What if you could get answers from your Spirit guides that would impact your decisions in a powerful positive way?

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With Angel Spirit card readings unlike tarot card readings, spirit and Angel cards only focus on answers that will uplift and positively impact your life by focusing on the positive aspects that are aligned with the true nature of your being.

While tarot cards can bring up fears, uncertainties and negative possibilities, Angel cards gives you the positive perspective that will give you the confidence to move forward in any area of your life.

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